Travels with Ari – Day 21 -Ari and Ann

Ari here:

Last night at the campground was really interesting! After dark someone called out for help and 911. Pretty soon an ambulance showed up about 30 yards from us. It didn’t have its sirens on but there was lots of activity for about two hours. I thought it would be fun to try to go look, so I tried to get through the screens over the windows. Mom caught me and by then it was cool enough so she closed the windows most of the way. Darn! We finally got to sleep about 1am.

I did better in the car today; slept more and didn’t complain as much. Tonight we are in a cabin and I’m very talkative; meow meow meow. I want attention and to be played with. That helps but then I go hide behind the toilet or in the shower. I have noticed another cat roaming around outside so that should be fun to watch after dark!

Me in the shower. Mom, why did you pull the curtain back?

Ann here:

Ari please! I need a good night’s sleep! At least there is an air conditioner in the cabin so that will hide any outside noise.

Our stall sized cabin WITH air conditioning and a bathroom!

This morning, I talked to the people in the tent next to mine (nice family) about the events of the night and they said someone was climbing on the steep bluff right above the campground after dark and fell about 15 feet. Thus the need for EMTs and the time it took to carefully move the person down. Seemed to have kept a lot of people awake 🙄

I stopped and saw my friend, Jane in Missoula for lunch today. I got an extra bonus since Karin (whom I also know) from St. Paul was visiting Jane! It was really good to catch up on our lives since we haven’t seen each other for many years. Jane bought me a delicious lunch at Five on Black (I forgot to take a photo). It has an interesting history And I got a much needed iced latte at Liquid Planet for the road.

Liquid Planet was founded by a university professor who set out to create the evolution of the coffeehouse and develop a new culture of beverage. During his student days, he owned and operated the “Java Bus,” the first espresso and specialty coffee business on the University of Montana campus.
After the exponential growth of specialty coffee during the 1990s, a simple but powerful question was asked- what’s next in the world of specialty beverage?
The answer; a new concept of beverage, building off “the evolution of the coffeehouse.” Liquid Planet became a premium mix of coffeehouse and beverage market dedicated to providing not only the Best of Beverage itself but also the very best necessary to create, serve, and accessorize it.  Considering the fact that human beings consume well over 50,000 gallons of liquids during the a lifetime, it is no wonder there is such a demand for beverage variety and equally important – quality. The ultimate goal of Liquid Planet is to raise the culture of beverage to a wholesome new level and to do so in a way that is good for the body, mind, AND Planet.

On our drive, I saw this big tower in the distance and low and behold at a rest stop there was an explanation. The tower is taller than the Washington monument.

Big tower in the middle of nowhere
Alas an explanation!

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3 thoughts on “Travels with Ari – Day 21 -Ari and Ann

  1. What an adventure! Interesting coffee shop and restaurant and that huge smokestack! Glad you got to see your old friends! Praying for sleep tonight for you!❤️

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  2. Hi Annie–What a challenging night at the campground! Glad you got an explanation the next morning, and especially glad you got a cabin with AC the next night. Sounds great to meet up with two friends for lunch and coffee–thank God for companionship along the way!

    Blessings on your journey, dear friend–

    p.s. Carrie and Ethel are the first names of my two grandmothers, fyi

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