Travels with Ari – Aug 17

Ari here:

On August 15, Auntie Erin drove us to the Farm where Auntie MK lives. Appa was in the front seat and I was in the back in my carrier, so I wasn’t too fussed. And he didn’t stay at Auntie MK’s very long. Good riddance!

I visited this house last time we were here in June so it wasn’t completely unfamiliar, especially the room where Mom sleeps. But then they kept me closed in Mom’s room. This time, the door is left open, so I get to really explore the house, especially when people are asleep.

I especially like going into Uncle J’s fishing room where he ties flies to use when he fishes. There are LOTS of interesting feathers and other shiny things to investigate. Mom caught me up on his table the other day with a feather on my whiskers. She made me give it up and then closed the door to the room. Darn!

They have a great climber set up for me and windows to sit in to see the hummingbirds, but those feathers are the best.

Mom told me today that I’m going to stay here while she goes home and that Auntie MK will take good care of me. She’ll be back to get me sometime. I think I’m going to miss her a lot.

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