Ari’s Travels – Sept 7&8

Ari here:

With Mom here, I feel safer going downstairs, especially when she is down there too. The other day I went down to see her. Jim was sitting in his usual chair and I guess I didn’t see him. I walked right by him towards my mom. Right as I got by him he said in a surprised voice “wow, I’m right here. Are you getting used to me?” Then I realized I was just a foot away from him! I stopped in my tracks, looked right at him, realized my mistake, pivoted and ran off as fast as i could. Mom and MK doubled over in laughter. I must have had really good comedic timing!

The next day my Mom found my feather stash back behind some boxes in our bedroom. She counted them and there were 7 all together including the blue one and the green one. I was pretty sneaky and loved teasing Jim by stealing his fly tie feathers.

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One thought on “Ari’s Travels – Sept 7&8

  1. Love this! Very funny! Had to bring Zahara to the vet to board her until Monday because she was jumping around too much! Poor baby! ❤️

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