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Self-Awareness Coaching

Do you long to be happier, wiser and more satisfied with your life?

Do you want to learn more about your inner self and feel better about yourself and the choices you make?

Often when we are striving to become more conscious of who are we need one-on-one conversation with someone who understands the journey. I am here for you!

Animal Energy Healing

Oreo – 18 years. Mr. Bing’s companion.

Just like us, our pets get out of balance energetically.  They are very in tune with us and their environment, so when things change (vacations, new family members, guests, new job, new home, just home from the shelter or injury), they can get out of balance energetically.  

Books for Equine Guided Coaches

E-books for equine-guided coaches.  Activities to use with your clients, audio recordings and tried and true business procedures for an equine-guided business.


Ann Kerr Romberg – MS, CPCC, EGE, Reiki Master

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Committed to listening to you, seeing the best in you and growing your Consciousness

Committed to my own personal growth and consciousness

Certified Life Coach for over 17 years.