Self-Awareness Coaching

Are you on a journey to grow your self-awareness, your consciousness, your mindfulness?
Who do you talk to about this part of you?
Many of my clients say “you are the only person I can talk to about these things!  Others just don’t get it or think I’m weird.” They deeply value their conversations with me to support them in this extremely important journey. 
Coaching with me, people become more self-aware, learn to manage their Inner Critics, learn to be with both joy and sorrow and become more conscious in each moment.  This consciousness empowers all dimensions of humanness; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual and generates deep self-awareness, self-acceptance and acceptance of others.
I provide you with:
  1. A scheduled time to look at your life from a different perspective
  2. Knowledge, insight, perspective
  3. Champion,  cheerleader, accompanying you on the journey
  4. Point out the obvious or not so obvious in what you are saying, doing and being
My Vision:
Everyone in the world taps their innate ability to be conscious and be their best selves, making the world a place of peace.

Call or email me to explore how I might support you.

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