You provide me with four key things:

  1. A scheduled time to look at my life from a different perspective
  2. Knowledge and insight
  3. A champion accompanying me on the journey
  4. Compassionate candor that points out the obvious – or not so obvious – in what I am saying, doing and being Dave Schafer – Manager, Hartford Corp.

So much has happened in the past year and you have been a part of my life transition from being bound and restricted from years of believing I was inferior inmost ways and not capable of much.. to this point of accepting my uniqueness and enjoying the journey instead of dreading the next thing. I am grateful you showed up in my life when you did, showing me things about myself I couldn’t see before much less believe.  Your encouragement and challenges were timely and specific to my growth. Rod Y.

Ann makes us see the best in ourselves – Aija Ronis, President, Health Systems Innovations

I am now living life vs. life trampling over me. I am now unafraid to fall into the ‘pits’ of life, where before I was scared I would never get out and waited for someone to rescue me.  I now feel I’m equipped to get through it and out of it.  In fact I look forward to what I learn in the process! – KZ

You take me to places I won’t go to on my own, yet know I need to go – 40 year old Seeking personal growth

With your coaching and help we have accomplished more in getting our business to work the way we want in the last six months than we had in the previous 5 years. You were able to bring our focus on the business into terms we both understood and desired to accomplish. Having this focus has allowed us to clarify our business needs and implement them quickly, allowing us more personal freedom faster than we ever expected. I would recommend your services to any entrepreneur that is trying to realize the dreams that got them into business in the first place.  Paul Evans – President, Networks, Inc.

Coaching with the horses and Ann gets me to solutions exponentially faster than any other process – Paula Schlofeldt, Vice President, Strategic Projects, Travelers Companies

I am grateful I had the privilege to coach with Ann and the horses.  We worked on a variety of skills that helped me quickly and confidently grow to my next level of leadership.  My increased self-awareness and communication skills have allowed me to be more effective and help positively impact individuals on my team as well as the culture at work.  – Julie Jacky, Vice President, Rockwood Capital Management (2015)

Working with you and the horses has helped me so much!  Like I was saying, there are things that I become aware of and I do not know if I would ever know to talk about them without the horses reflecting those things to me. Layla Shea, Realtor

Here are some comments from a few pets:

Dear Ann, Thank you for coming to see me yesterday.  Your warm healing and gentle giving was just what I needed to be on the upper road of feeling back to myself.  I felt so good after you left that I used my nose to push the gate open enough for me to sneak up the stairs.  I got in trouble but my sweet smile got me an extra hug.  I’ve been sleeping soundly all morning.  I even felt good enough before breakfast to hide my ball in a cardboard box so I could tear it up and make a mess just like I used to do. I’m so lucky to know you now.  You are very special.  The other animals you help are lucky, like me. Love,  Molly (3/11/14)

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