About Ann

   BA Dude, Jr with Ann  Copyright 2010 K. Noel Photography

What a journey this life has been!  From Math Teacher to IT Professional and Leader to Life Coach and Equine Guided Coach to Animal Healer.  I am blessed with two beautiful grown daughters, a granddaughter (and a grandson on the way) and a community of loving, like-minded, supportive friends and family.

For the past 15 years, my personal journey has been focused on growing my self-awareness, my consciousness.  I see it as a deeply spiritual journey and find myself coaching my clients from that place and supporting them in growing their own self-awareness. 

I am very blessed with many friends who are on the same journey and we support each other on a regular basis.  However, I run into people who are also on the journey to greater consciousness and have NO ONE to talk with about it. 

I love listening to and supporting people on their journeys.  I have a gift for seeing the gifts they bring (especially those they are unaware of).  And I have a gift for seeing other perspectives on issues they are struggling with.  

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If you are interested in growing your own self-awareness you can reach me from the Contact page.

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