About Ann

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What brings me the most joy is to listen to others and champion them on their journey in this life. I look for people who truly want to be happier, wiser and more satisfied with their lives, people who want to learn more about their inner selves and people who want to let go of self-criticism. 

For the past 20+ years, my personal journey has been focused on growing my self-awareness, my consciousness.  I see it as a deeply spiritual journey and find myself coaching my clients from that place and supporting them in growing their own self-awareness, self-esteem and happiness. 

I am blessed with two beautiful grown daughters, a granddaughter and a grandson and a community of loving, like-minded, supportive friends and family.

However, I run into people who are also on the journey self-awareness and growth and have NO ONE to talk with about it. 

I love listening to and supporting people on their journeys.  I see the gifts you bring to this life (especially those you are unaware of).  And I offer other perspectives on issues you are struggling with that may help you resolve those issues.  

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If you are interested in growing your own self-awareness you can reach me from the Contact page.

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