Happy Healthy Pets

Healthy Happy Pets!

Energy healing for animals and mentor-ships for shelter animal healing 

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We love feeling balanced and healthy!                

Just like us, our pets get out of balance energetically.  They are very in tune with us and their environment, so when things change (vacations, new family members, guests, new job, new home, just home from the shelter or injury), they can get out of balance energetically.  Being out of balance can lead to illness and more severe problems.

By the time a pet gets sick or shows behavioral changes, their energy bodies have been out of balance for a while.

Benefits to the pet and pet owner:

  • Faster healing from veterinary procedures
  • Fewer behavior problems
  • Less stress from change
  • Better performance in shows
  • Lower vet bills

I lovingly serve cats, dogs and horses using Reiki, Acupressure, Essential Oils, animal communication and more to bring holistic emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance.

Distance Reiki $60 per hour (includes 15 minute human to human conversation to see what’s up with your pet, 35 minutes of Reiki healing, 10 minutes of human to human debrief).   Click here for all services.


What is my horse (or dog or cat) telling me?
Listening to Non-verbal communication of animals and people
This new workshop series will increase your social intelligence (SQ) and grow your awareness and understanding of non-verbal communication in animals and people.



The results dogs, cats and horses (and their people) have reported:

  • I can move more freely
  • I’m more comfortable in my new situation
  • I understand what is going on now
  • I am able to really relax
  • I’m less shy and more friendly

If you are a veterinarian

I would love to partner with you to bring this compliment to your practice.  The benefits to you are:

  • Build your reputation as a holistic vet
  • Allow you to focus on what you do best
  • Animals will recover faster from illness or procedures
  • Animals will be less stressed in the office (I can even work with you during the exam)

I view energy healing as a compliment to traditional veterinary practices.* 


  • Reiki Master
  • Acupressure for Animals – Intermediate Level
  • Essential Oils – reading and practice, learning more all the time
  • QiGong Level II
  • Healing Touch for Animals Level 1
  • Animal Communication
  • Essential Oils available (Young Living)
  • Over 500 hours helping cats and dogs through the emotional and physical transitions of surrender to animal shelters through adoption or euthanasia.

The animals guide me to the energy healing modality they most need. 

Face to face healing in the greater Twin Cities, MN.  Distance healing throughout the world.

Call 612-749-0956 or email for more information.

*Energy healing is not a replacement for veterinary medicine.  A referral from a qualified veterinarian is required in Minnesota and other states.

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