The Games People Play VOLUME ONE Downloadable E-Book DETAILED DESCRIPTION

There are as many ways to work with horses, as there are people.
Expand the potential of your business with tried and 16 proven exercises. Each exercise defines Objectives; Audience; Benefits and Learning Outcomes along with detail descriptions to set up and facilitate the experience. Both volumes have a combination of individual and group Equine Guided Coaching exercises. These exercises have been tested and used numerous times by the contributors. Nancy compiled both volumes (there were so many she divided it into two volumes) into a clear and thorough format.
These exercises have coaching and business context rather than psychotherapy.
The Games:

  1. Lessons from the Herd
  2. The Big Picture
  3. One-on-One
  4. Ladder of Inference
  5. Looking at Parts
  6. Grooming
  7. Awareness Leading
  8. Walking the Talk
  9. Heart & Meaning
  10. 360 Review
  11. Moving the Herd
  12. Influence from a Distance
  13. Creating a Win-Win
  14. The Dependent Brain
  15. Connected Energy Circles
  16. Getting it Done
    Nancy Lowery,
    Amy Skolen,
    Melisa Pearce,
    Susan Motzko,
    Sharon Quarrington,
    Ann Romberg & Lynn Baskfield,

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