The Games People Play VOLUME TWO Downloadable E-Book DETAILED DESCRIPTION

There are as many ways to work with horses, as there are people.
Volume II contains 14 more great, powerful activities for groups and individuals.
Expand the potential of your business with tried and proven exercises. Each exercise defines Objectives; Audience; Benefits and Learning Outcomes along with detail descriptions to set up and facilitate the experience.
The Games:

  1. Where do you get that now?
  2. How Big is Your Bubble
  3. Leaders Walk of Trust
  4. Get Your Arms Around Your Project
  5. Learning to Lead
  6. Liferaft
  7. Building the Team
  8. Sticking with the Herd
  9. True Willingness vs Compliance
  10. Are we Really Clear?
  11. Operational Alignment
  12. Team Lead
  13. What’s Your Agenda?
  14. Valley of the Shadow
    Nancy Lowery,
    Amy Skolen,
    Melisa Pearce,
    Susan Motzko,
    Sharon Quarrington,
    Ann Romberg & Lynn Baskfield,

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