Have you been struggling to re-invent yourself and your EGE business? Are all of your client sessions beginning to sound like the same old same old? The Word Horse activity book is filled with activities and ideas to help you and your clients take leap forward into a new world of creative ways to partner with the horses on the journey to transformation.

The thirty-six horse guided activities in this book offer a person on an in-depth exploration of some aspect of themselves they want to examine and experience in a healing way.
The book offers horse guided activities for individuals and groups. The Word Horse Activities for Equine-Guided Coaches is 173 pages of fabulous tested activities that really work! It includes thirty-six activities and seventeen meditations for guiding your clients to the rich depths that horses provide. Each activity is carefully and thoroughly written with sections:

When to use this activity?
How do I set up the activity?
How do I facilitate this activity?
Each section has a full set of instructions to take you step by step to expertly guide your client.

The thirty-six words are divided into six categories that reflect the essence of our human experience.

Fully Embodied
Compassionate Heart
Spirit/Higher Power
Becoming Wonder
Being Human

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