What diet and energy work helped Mr. Bing – October 2012

It is said that cats have 9 lives.  Mr. Bing came to us in 2001 and in 11 years fully used his 9 lives hunting, being the meeter and greeter in our house and running the household with 2 female cats.  In July 2012 Mr. Bing was diagnosed with Hypercalcemia (too much Calcium in the blood). He was losing weight quickly, had diarrhea and occasional vomiting.  I made the decision to treat him with complimentary approaches rather than submit him to surgery, chemo and ongoing medical care.  This is the story of how we gave him a 10th life.  Read earlier blog entries to see his progress.


Mr.Bing, October 12, 2012

The first changes we made were to his diet and a couple of supplements.  We switched him to a top quality grain-free wet cat food.  He had been eating a grain based dry food, high quality, but he seemed to want something more.  To the wet food I added Probiotic powder to help with digestion and a liquid clay to help with diarrhea. My vet also gave me a healing herb called Nux Vomika to give him when he vomited.   Being trained in animal Acupressure and Reiki, I began to give him treatments twice a week or whenever he came onto my lap and asked for them.  I frequently held Acupressure points for stomach and its sister meridian, spleen.  He seemed to love the energy work and new food.

Over the next several months, he maintained his weight (around 8-9 pounds).  Bing loves to go outside and I would make sure I took him out every day if I could.  As the days got cooler and wetter, things started to change.

Read the next blog to see what happened.

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