Miracle cat: Essential Oils and energy healing kick in – December 2012

It is said that cats have 9 lives.  Mr. Bing came to us in 2001 and in 11 years I believe he fully used his 9 lives hunting, being the meeter and greeter in our house and running the household with 2 female cats.  In July 2012 Mr. Bing was diagnosed with Hypercalcemia (too much Calcium in the blood). He was losing weight quickly, had diarrhea and occasional vomiting.  I made the decision to treat him with complimentary approaches rather than submit him to surgery, chemo and ongoing medical care.  This is the story of how we gave him a 10th life.  Read earlier blog entries to see his progress.


December 3 hunting in the grass

About a week after I returned from Thanksgiving the weather turned much warmer.  We were able to go outside again.  I had hydrated him 3 times since my return and had continued regular Raindrop therapy, energy healing and Arnica. He was stable but still quite frail. For the first time in a month, went out into the large open space behind my house and he wandered round sniffing the air but staying close to me.  When I got distracted talking to my neighbor he went into a grassy area and began to hunt! (see the photo above).  It was a big shift for him and it was a turning point for his health.  Suddenly, he was reengaged with life and began to beg for food, eat and drink heartily again.  His stools were solid and he was staying hydrated.  He began to gain weight.  Over the next three weeks he gained nearly 1.5 pounds (from 6.5 pounds at Thanksgiving to 8 pounds at Christmas.  He looked much better, no longer seemed in pain and his meows for food and demand for water dripping in the bathroom sink brought encouragement.  It was a Christmas miracle!

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