How your pet shows you what is going on – Eddie shows me I’m angry

Those of us who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s remember Lassie and how she would show her humans what was going on, alerting them to those in trouble.  These humans, while they were continuously skeptical, slowly learned to pay attention to her signals.  In reality, Lassie was communicating so much more.

This is a short story of how clearly animals communicate our moods to us, if we pay attention.

I am new to Eddie’s household however he has adopted me and follows me around like a shadow.  He loves that I listen to him and talk with him.  However, when his owner goes on a trip, we both are more stressed and lonely.  If Eddie has been tenderly and clearly told what is happening, he becomes much more relaxed and comfortable.  He is able to support me and reflect and support my moods.  If he hasn’t he is more anxious and lonely.

The first time Jim was gone, he told Eddie clearly and tenderly what was going to happen.  While Eddie stuck to me like glue the whole time, he played and seemed to cope quite well.  He was able to comfort me, since I felt lonely sometimes.  The last day, I found myself more crabby about Jim being gone, impatient for him to come home.  I wasn’t fully aware of this mood, until I noticed that Eddie had peed on the carpet in the hallway. He is quite good about going outside to pee and only does this if he is trying to show us we are angry/pissed off or he is confused or scared.  I, of course, got more angry and grumbled a bit at him.  I proceeded to clean up the pee and left the carpet cleaner to soak.  When I went back a few minutes later, Eddie had peed again on the exact same spot!  Only then did I realize what he was trying to communicate.  I laughed and went to where he was laying. He flinched a little (since he’s been reprimanded in the past for doing this) and I lovingly thanked him for showing me my mood and told him we just had one more day and Jim would be home.  It completely shifted my mood and he didn’t pee again inside.

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