Travels with Ari – Day 4

Ari here: Back in the car AGAIN! Where’s my hiding place? Down behind the front seat I curled and slept all the way to Seattle, about 5.5 hours. But, boy, when we arrived, did I have fun! Mom put me in our bedroom on the lower level of this 4 story house, so I explored the whole room, sniffing all the new smells while Mom brought in the rest of her stuff (and mine).

After mom rested a bit, she opened the door and let me explore the rest of the house. And was THAT ever fun! It was quiet — no loud noises to scare me. (Erin was still at work.) And there were lots of open spaces and interesting unpacked boxes to explore.

AND I found another kitty! A big yellow one named Isis. We looked at each other and she hissed at me. The hair on my back raised up in a straight mohawk and my tail got very big. I licked my mouth and looked away to help calm her. But then looked her in the eye and she backed off and seemed scared of me. I continued to explore and was really curious about the room she was hanging out in (Erin’s bedroom). Mom wanted to make sure Isis didn’t feel invaded, so she took me back downstairs. I wanted to see that cat again so I sat at the door and meowed. I did get to go back up later after Erin was home, but then Isis was locked in her room. I explored the whole evening and then played more! It felt SO good to be in a house again.

Ann here: Day 4 (June 4) was a shorter driving day thank goodness! From eastern Washington we drove through the Columbia River basin with lots of hay fields and irrigation from the river. To treat myself I stopped at a Starbucks with a Taco del Mar next door and grabbed a great Mexican lunch and a latte for the road. I had been eating cheese, crackers and ham for lunch the whole trip so the change tasted great!

Yakima River in central Washington for lunch

The Columbia River gorge is beautiful and we stopped briefly (again it was hot and no shade) and took this photo.

Columbia River

A bit further on. It was a clear, sunny day and I was awed by the view of Mt. Rainier from so far away.

I had to pull over to get this photo out the front window. Mt. Rainier seems so close and so big!

From there we rose into the Cascades and eventually down into Seattle. It felt so good to arrive! The drive was a big accomplishment and it took a lot of energy. And seeing Erin for the first time in 17 months is well worth it!

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