Ari’s Travels Sept 9

Ari here: I am so proud of myself! I caught a mouse last night!

Markay and Jim are away on their travels so I pretty much can safely roam the house all the time. I was sitting in the kitchen in the middle of the night and guess what appeared! A MOUSE! I was so excited. I pounced on it and took it up to the loft to play with it. I chased it around capturing it over and over, tossing it and pouncing on it. One time it ran into a tote bag with some small books in it and thought it was safe. HA! I dragged the bag to the middle of the floor scaring it out.

My mom found this when she got up

I eventually got bored and quit. My mom was very curious about the book bag when she saw it in the morning, but the mouse was somewhere else so she didn’t understand why it was there. When she came down stairs she found me in the kitchen staring at the gaps at bottom of the dishwasher. Then I went over and sniffed around. I think she was starting to get the idea because she texted a friend that she thought she would find a mouse the next morning for sure.

That evening we were up in the loft and I was sniffing around the ottoman. She wanted to show me there was nothing under it so she lifted it. And there was my MOUSE! It was dead by then, though I’m sure my playing with it had nothing to do with its death 😉 She went to get a plastic bag to put it in, so i fished it put with my paw and was checking it out when she returned.


I’m so proud of myself! What a good mouser I am!

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