Animal Shelter Reiki Mentorship

Starting first quarter 2015, I will offer mentorships for people in the Twin Cities, MN area who want to learn how to provide shelter animals with energy healing.  Please email or call me if you are interested in a class.

My Vision:

My vision is peaceful, calm and happy shelter animals and to ease the inherently stressful transition of shelter animals by giving them a voice and offering them energy healing.

My Mission:

My mission is to grow the reach and scope of humane and respectful energy healing in animal shelters by mentoring healing practitioners to work with shelters and their animals.

What is scope of the mentor-ship?

  1. Pre-reading to give background on working with Shelter Animals.
  2. Five face to face, experiential mentoring sessions (approximately 3 hours each) in a shelter environment, debriefing the experience to lock in the learning.
  3. Practice in between face to face meetings.
  4. How to approach, build relationships with and design healing programs with animal shelters.
  5. Document templates to get started with a shelter

What are the key principals I teach?

  1. It’s all about relationship – Rules of engagement with the shelter people and the animals
  2. Awareness of and respect for animal – Rules of engagement with the animal
  3. It’s all about energy (yours, the shelter’s and the animal’s)
  4. Self-awareness in every moment

What are the Prerequisites?

A strong understanding of energy healing principles and how it works.  At least 20 hours of training in energy healing.  This is best accomplished by completing at least one of the following energy healing classes:

  • Reiki I and II (this is the preferred modality, since this is the modality we will use)
  • Healing Touch I
  • QiGong Level 2
  • Animal communication class
  • Other approved class

What can I expect to get out of the Mentor-ship?

The energy healer will come away from the mentoring program with the following outcomes:

  1. Awareness of and ability to manage one’s own energy.
  2. Awareness of and ability to read the energy of the animal
  3. Awareness of and ability to listen to and talk to the animal
  4. Ability to provide respectful and powerful Reiki healing to animals and how it is different than with people
  5. Understanding of and ability to approach animals (calming signals, rock back and sigh, set boundaries)
  6. How to start and end a healing session.
  7. What to watch for during the session.
  8. How to approach an animal shelter. How to build and maintain a relationship with the manager and staff of a shelter. Document templates to support this.

What is the cost?

$250.00 (that’s only $50 per session – real bargain).  Remember class size is very small (three to five healers) so you get lots of individual attention and practice.

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