Healing Navicular in Horses

When Amy and I finished our intermediate Acupressure class last April, we started looking for horses to practice on.  I knew of a 28 year old mare named Sis.  Sis was still the lead mare in a small herd despite having navicular and being in severe pain.  Her owner had a new farrier which was helping some. She agreed to let us practice on Sis.

What an immediate and deep learning experience for us!  And what a difference for Sis!

Amy and I gave Sis 6 acupressure treatments over about a 10 week period.  Sis improved dramatically.  She began to canter in from the pasture (something she hadn’t done in years) and walk up and down difficult terrain.  She hardly limped and she looked 10 years younger.

During each acupressure treatment she would be very clear about what she wanted.  She would nod or point to places with nose or come over an put her nose on the place in the book (we were still learning) she wanted us to pay attention to.  When she had enough of a given point, she would walk forward, then drop her head and let the energy work through her body.  When she was ready for the next point, she would turn and look at us.  At the end of a session, she would yawn (up to 10 times!) or poop or stretch.  Then go back to eating hay.

Sis continues to improve as I give her a tune-up once a month.

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