How energy healing helped Mr. Bing have a better quality of life and less pain – Introduction

Bing KittenMr. Bing as an 8 week old kitten.

It is said that cats have 9 lives. Mr. Bing is a handsome farm kitty that my daughter, Erin, found at a horse show. He came into our lives in 2001 as a gift to her sister Sarah.  He is the closest thing to a dog that we ever had.  He is the meeter and  greeter at the front door, showers attention on visitors and loves to have company.  He hunts and explores for hours (when we let him) and he sits on laps for hours on end. This is the story of how we gave him a 10th life.

This series of short blogs describe the progress of his illness and how energy healing helped him have a better quality of life and less pain through it all.  If you have ideas and options for additional complimentary healing for Mr. Bing, please reply to this post.

Early in 2012, Mr. Bing started losing weight. At his annual check up in July 2012 he was diagnosed with Hypercalcemia (too much Calcium in the blood).  The disease was affecting his digestion primarily, thus he was losing weight rather fast going from a 12 pound cat to 8.5 pounds in less than a year.  Hypercalcemia is most often caused by a tumor on the Parathyroid gland and is operable in both humans and animals.  A secondary cause is cancer somewhere in the body.  Both are costly to treat (surgery, chemo and/or ongoing calcium and thyroid supplements).  I was not in a financial position to take this on.  Nor did I want to put him through the extreme stress of these invasive procedures.  So I chose to offer whatever complimentary care I could to Mr. Bing to keep him comfortable while he lived the rest of his life with me.

I am blessed to have a veterinarian who is trained in allopathic medicine as well as in Chinese and other complimentary approaches.  In my next blog, read about Mr. Bing as his disease progresses.

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