Energy healing and essential oils: a cost effective way to maintain and improve health! – August 2013

In July 2012 Mr. Bing was diagnosed with Hypercalcemia (too much Calcium in the blood). He was losing weight quickly, had diarrhea and occasional vomiting.  I made the decision to treat him with complimentary approaches rather than submit him to surgery, chemo and ongoing medical care.  Read earlier blog entries to see his progress.

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We are now a year plus past his diagnosis and Mr. Bing is holding his own at 9 pounds, playing again and comes to me when he wants healing.   Neither my vet nor I expected him to live this long since Hypercalcemia is very hard on the internal organs. His only symptoms are loose stools, as the disease seems to affect his digestion most.  He is his old affectionate, outgoing self.  And discovered newspaper and ribbon as his favorite toys.  He reads the travel section mostly 🙂

What happened since my last post in February when Mr. Bing was having a small setback?   He recovered from the setback quickly.  He seemed to figure out he needed to drink more water to dilute the calcium and pass the excess in his urine (I should buy stock in kitty litter!).  He has stayed hydrated and maintained his weight very well over the past 5 months.  He lost some interest in the Brushtail food and I stopped feeding it to him in May when it was no longer available.  I have been feeding him a tuna and lamb wet food and he loves that.  He eats consistently with relish, begging for food.

I give him regular Acupressure and Reiki when he wants it and daily Essential Oil Raindrop Therapy with an extra oil for diarrhea.    Mr Bing of course loves summer and being able to be on the deck or lay on the grass.

I will post an update if things change.  Meanwhile I am totally sold on energy healing and essential oils as a cost effective way to maintain and improve health!

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