How did Mr. Bing go from 8 pounds to 11?

Bing Playing 03-2014

Mr. Bing is thriving, active and happy!

Energy healing, diet and essential oils maintain quality of life with chronic illness.

In July 2012 my cat, Mr. Bing, was diagnosed with Hypercalcemia (too much Calcium in the blood). He was losing weight quickly, had diarrhea and occasional vomiting.  I made the decision to treat him with complimentary approaches rather than submit him to surgery, chemo and ongoing medical care.  Read earlier blog entries to see his progress.

A year ago, in my last blog, Mr. Bing was hanging in there, affectionate and occasionally perky, yet very slowly losing ground.  His weight was 7.5-8.0 pounds.  Now, one year later, Bing is now 11 pounds, plays like a young cat and demands attention and cuddles.  How did that happen with this chronic disease?

It is clear he still has the disease.  I still notice a few symptoms of the disease (loose stools and high respiration levels).  Yet he has steadily become stronger and back to his old self.  His diet is still grain free and includes a daily pro-biotic.  I also added micro algae in November and this brought his energy level up and he started playing more.  I continue energy healing (acupressure and Reiki) as well.   He continues to amaze me and affirm the healing work I do with him.  Thank you, Mr. Bing!

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