Dogs take responsibility for lightning?

Trauma often goes deeper than what medicine can cure.   Energy healing can address the mental, emotional and spiritual side of trauma, creating a healthier, happier pet.

Fifteen months ago Patty, a beautiful Cocker-Bichon mix, had a severe reaction to a Rabies shot and almost died.   Only a year later she was alone in the house when lightning struck the roof, setting the attic on fire.   Fortunately, a passerby heard her and rescued her from the house.  Needless to say, Patty became extremely agitated and started worriedly pacing and ‘going crazy’ when anyone came to the door or there was a loud noise.  She was always the protector, but this was extreme.  Her owners talked to a vet who gave her some medication to break the cycle of behavior.  This worked well, but something still seemed off.  So a friend referred them to me for energy healing and animal communication.

When I arrived at the newly remodeled home, Patty came right up to me and seemed to know why I was there.  She did not bark or act protective.   Her owner said she never does this.  Patty and I went into the family room and ‘talked’ for a minute, then she went off to get her mom.

Mom had fallen on a wet floor earlier in the day, was only bruised and sore but was resting.  It was clear that they were very connected and Patty felt responsible for her mom’s healing as well.   Patty lay on her mom’s leg for the entire healing, so mom would get healing too.

During the healing, I heard Patty say she felt responsible for the lightning strike and guilty for not adequately protecting the house and her people.  When I told her mom, who immediately reassured Patty that it wasn’t her fault and no one could control lightning.  Patty visibly relaxed and took a short nap.

When she woke, she stretched and walked off.  Soon someone came to the door and Patty responded with her old normal bark, not the overreaction of before.  Her transformation was immediate and visible.

Thank you, Patty, for allowing me to be your healer!

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Animal Healer, Reiki Master, Leadership Coach

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