Reiki provides huge benefits in animal shelters

For five sessions during November through December 2014, I trained one volunteer to give Reiki to the cats at Caring for Cats (a no kill, volunteer run cat shelter in the Twin Cities). Cats are situated together in 5 adjacent rooms. We ‘cleared’ the whole center and healed two rooms each session. This was a pilot project to see how the cats responded and any other benefit or result.

001After this pilot we met with the executive director, Kelley Schmidt, and she reported the following results:

  • January’s adoptions were the highest the center has ever seen.
  • Comments from volunteers that the energy is different in the cats and the shelter; it is quieter, nicer. (some solicited, some not, some that didn’t even know the energy work was happening).
  • Fewer reports of cats not working out in certain rooms.
  • Fewer reports that 2 cats can’t get along.
  • No severe cage stress (untouchable cats) in ISO.

These results convinced the board of directors to invest in training additional volunteer. Approximately one year later, I trained an additional three people, got rave reviews and they continue to meet as a group to do healing at the center every other week.

Click here for more information about Animal Shelter Reiki Training Programs.

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