Inspiration for You!

When the Covid-19 lock-down started in March 2020, I felt a need to put light into the world that was struggling with fear, anger and grief over this scary, unknown virus. Since it was advisable for me to stay home, I scrounged around my apartment for something to make a poster for my apartment door. It would be called “Inspiration for Your Day” and would give my neighbors something to inspire them, to laugh at, to feel grateful for or to learn while they stayed home. Here is a photo of my first poster:

Since I first put it up, I changed the inspirational pieces frequently and now have redesigned my board, again made with things from my apartment. Here is a photo of my new board, just up today:

As I was putting it together, it occurred to me that I could reach a larger audience with a blog that could include the poems, inspiration and information I post. I try to keep the posts non-political and non-religious, however, they do reflect my beliefs in we are all one, compassion, and self-awareness. May YOU find a bit of inspiration here!

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Animal Healer, Reiki Master, Leadership Coach

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