Travels with Ari – Preparation

On June 1, my kitty, Ari, and I will embark on a cross-country adventure by car. We will travel from where I live in the Twin Cities to Seattle to visit my daughter and sister, family whom I haven’t seen in person for 18 months. I plan to blog my travels with Ari, whether interesting or boring. So FOLLOW my blog on to get my daily (hopefully) updates.

Being a consummate planner, I have been pretty much ready to leave for 2 weeks! I purchased a new car, a RAV 4, in May, a blowup mattress which fits nicely in the back and will be useful for camping if I choose or a rest after lunch, and sunshields for privacy. I am booked for the 3 nights I will be on the road. And I have planned each 2 hour leg of the trip, complete with parks for lunch stops and Starbucks for my afternoon pick-me-up. Like I said, I LOVE to plan! I’ve also thrown in a healthy dose of letting go of outcome and willingness to shift if needed. I have asked the Universe for a fun and safe adventure with no harm to me or my property. A friend helped me add that last part so nothing terrible happens. Thank you, Carol!

Ann and her new RAV 4

Ari has, of course, sensed the preparations, especially the past few days and is now routinely hiding under the bed or in the closet in this case. As my excitement grows, she seems more and more skeptical that this is really in her best interest. Even taking her on car rides to get her used to it, hasn’t seemed to help. The fact that her carrier sits near the front door is a clear sign to her that nothing good is going to happen despite the fact that I reassure her daily.

“Travel? But that’s change and I don’t like change!”

So stay tuned for our fun!

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One thought on “Travels with Ari – Preparation

  1. Every two hours!!? I am in awe. To steal an oft-used line, “I will be following your progress with great interest.” And to and with another one, “You go, girl!”

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