Travels with Ari -Day 1 Part 1

It’s Ari here. Mom asked me to write my part. Really I don’t have much to say. She says I did really well in the car, once I got there. Here’s me hiding behind the sofa this morning. I was freaked out by mom going in and out loading the car.

Hiding behind the sofa because mom closed the bedroom door!

We pulled out at 8:15am. After I was in the car, I explored a bit. I am a curious cat, after all. Then I settled on mom’s lap or on a pillow on the console area. I was awake most of the day until about 2 then I settled down and had a good nap. Now that we are in our hotel room, I’m exploring more and very affectionate. But mostly hiding under the bed. It’s safer just in case you know!

I’m happiest on my pillow on the console

We saw (rather mom saw, I kept my head down mostly) several large hawks and an eagle. The we stopped for lunch at a lovely park. Mom ate under a tree. I opted to stay in the car of course.

Picnic in the park

One highlight for mom was seeing the small broken down barn with a bulldozer sitting next to it ready to take it down. The barn had a Trump sign on it. It made her smile. She also smiled at the billboards that said “Smile” and “Be Patient”.

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