Travels with Ari – Days 5 and 6 – Ari

Ari here: After exploring the whole house and playing in the large lower level where we are sleeping, I decided it was time to catch up on my beauty rest. So for the past several days, I have burrowed under the covers and slept for the better part of each day.

I did hear more noise on Saturday Day 5 when some bigger animal came over. I could hear the claws clicking on the floor above me. That was another good reason not to come out! Mom says what I heard was Appa, a dog! I’m glad I didn’t have to meet him. I’ll have to be more cautious from now on just in case he’s over here.

Gosh its nice to settle in one place for a while! Since we slept in that barn, mom is checking me regularly for fleas but hasn’t found any. Basically, I’m a happy kitty and very glad to be with mom .

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