Travels with Ari – Day 6 – Ann

Ann here: Day 6 Sunday June 6 dawned cloudy and bit rainy. I worked most of the morning cleaning, unpacking and putting away/organizing Erin’s kitchen. She only wanted me to unpack and put away without organizing, but my brain doesn’t work that way so her kitchen is organized as well. That’s the fun part for me!

The kitchen and dinette area are looking much less cluttered. There is one room that is designated as the “everything that needs to be unpacked” room and its full! I’ve started to make a dent in it. It must be so overwhelming to her to have all this stuff to do, so she is very appreciative of my help. And I love being of service to her so we both win. She does feeds me 🙂

By lunchtime Brett came over and we all went to the Ballard Market, a well known farmers market. We grabbed some lunch and wandered through the market and a consignment store. Brett played tour guide providing stories about the area. I bought some luscious wild strawberries for my breakfast.

It is interesting how Seattle is starting to open up a little, but most businesses still require masks, limit number of people inside the stores and remind you to social distance. They even limit the number of people in the market area, so there was a line to get in. Even though around 70% of adults are vaccinated here, 99% of the people wear masks, even when outside. There seems to be a culture of respect and taking care of others. People think, “I don’t know your situation or vulnerability to Covid, so I’m taking care to make sure you are OK”.

Sign in the coffee shop a 1/2 block from Erin’s house. We get coffee there each morning.
Lighthouse Roasters take orders at the door and hand you your drink. Cup, lid and sleeve are all compostable.

Traveling across the country it was very interesting to see the differences in the culture and response to the pandemic. While MN is opening up a lot and no longer requires masks and most people have quit wearing them, if they ever wore them at all. North Dakota and Montana were much less strict about all that and I saw very few people wearing masks and even those that were, had them below their nose most of the time. Once I crossed the state line into Washington, masks are still required and people in Seattle actually wear them!

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