Travels with Ari – Days 7 and 8 – Ann and Ari

Ari here:

I seem caught up on my beauty sleep and am starting to wander around more. They are keeping me away from Isis so she doesn’t feel invaded. Erin wants her to get more comfortable in her new home. She has only lived here a couple of weeks.

I did get to go outside in the back garden which is fenced in so I can’t get out without a lot of effort. It was fun to watch birds and eat a bit of grass, which of course Mom didn’t want me to do. It was warm (65 degrees) and sunny today so being outside was a real pleasure. I hear it has been very hot in Minnesota so I’m glad I’m not there.

I came upstairs this evening and Mom gave me a new toy (a favorite twist tie). She hoped I’d bat it around on the hardwood floors on the main level and play for a while. Instead I picked it up and took it to our room downstairs, then came back up. I’m antsy! The weather must be changing. Its starting to rain.

Ann here:

These past couple of days Erin and I have been doing house projects since she is on vacation this week. She has a lovely garden that runs from the front of the house and along the sidewalk to the front door.

Erin’s front garden that runs along side the sidewalk to the dark blue front door.

Plus a back garden with a lovely patio, lilac bush, apple tree and pear tree. We took photos of most of the plants and have identified them with the help of expert gardener Beth Duff of Scotland.

Back garden. The pear tree on the left isn’t doing too well since it was almost fully shaded by the lilacs.
Lilac and pear tree in the back garden

We took photos to identify plants in her garden.

Sacred bamboo. One of the lovely plants in Erin’s garden.

We have done everything from shopping for pruning sheers, to pruning her lilac bush, to doing laundry. Good progress is being made.

Erin Pruning the lilac trees.
Sunset over the Olympic Mountains Monday evening June 7

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One thought on “Travels with Ari – Days 7 and 8 – Ann and Ari

  1. Beautiful to see Erin, her lovely new home, the incredible view, and the richness of the garden surrounding her. So glad you are there to help her settle in and find her bearings! Love to you both–Elizabeth

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