Travels with Ari – Days 9 & 10 – Ari and Ann

Ari here:

I am getting a lot more brave now; playing more, wanting to come upstairs, cuddling with mom. My big excitement was escaping the lower level to go find Isis again. I found her! And my tail got really big and yowled at her which brought Mom and Erin running. I wasn’t supposed to get out but Plumber Ben left the door open 🙂 I was quickly whisked by mom into second bedroom to keep me away from Isis. There I found Appa’s kennel to be quite comfy.

Me making myself at home in Appa’s kennel

Appa is pretty big so I get a little scared when he’s here, but this house has lots of hiding places for me. Brett is pretty cool too, even though he smells like Appa.

Brett scratching my chin. Feels soooo good.

Ann here:

We can see the snow on the Olympic Mountains today and had a lovely sunset last night. The view is mesmerizing and a constant draw. I love sitting on Erin’s balcony to enjoy it.

Snow on the Olympics today Day 10. Sunny and 65 degrees.
Sunset the evening of Day 9, looking towards the Olympics.

More gardening on Day 9; deadheading rhododendrons, planting herb in pots to hang from the railing on the balcony, cutting up the branches we pruned from the lilacs.

Basil, parsley, rosemary and thyme on the balcony. Dill in the pot on the floor. And a few more not in the photo.

It is fun to watch Erin’s enthusiasm about her new home and how she handles things like Plumber Ben who came to upgrade the water heater to be more safe and planning updates to her garden and home. We have been to the hardware store at least twice and I’m sure will go again as things come up. Young energy and a new possibilities!

We also took Appa to the dog park to run off some energy. He loved it! And it was a good walk for me.

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One thought on “Travels with Ari – Days 9 & 10 – Ari and Ann

  1. Hi Ann, glad to hear how you and Ari are settling in! The view is awesome of the mountains! It’s so unbearably hot and humid here and dry! Already 9 straight days in the nineties and 90’s predicted next week too. No rain in sight so in moderate drought conditions. You left at the right time! It’s too hot to do anything outside!❤️

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