Travels with Ari – Days 18 & 19 – Ari and Ann

Ari here:

I have not been very happy the past two days. On the 18th the windows and doors were open and it caused the door to the downstairs to slam behind me. It scared me to death! I could have been killed! I haven’t seen the other cat (Isis) or the dog (Appa) since we got back here, but I still slink around afraid of the next noise. I did come upstairs and found the kitchen window to be a quiet place to catch some sun.

Here I am in the kitchen atrium like window catching a little sun but staying safe

My other hiding places are in Mom’s bed or in the utility room. Its REALLY safe back there, but Mom thinks its creepy.

At night I do get more brave and play and wander around and bother Mom. I even saw a squirrel outside the basement door in the back garden. Now THAT was interesting!

Ann Here:

I’ve been so busy doing house things for Erin that I haven’t had time to spend with Ari so maybe that’s part of why she’s timid. Erin and I did take a break yesterday and go to downtown Fremont. There are all kinds of unique and interesting things and stores there. And as you can see by the photos, it was a beautiful sunny day!

A hedge sculpted into a dinosaur mom and her baby (baby is on the left and hard to see)
A fun attraction along the ship canal.
A rocket attached to a burger place with Saturn on the roof across the street. Note green tents for outdoor restaurant seating.
This story is quite humorous so worth reading!
Here I am by a huge bronze statue of Lenin. Someone painted his hand red. Despite the change in politics the art lives on.
It has an interesting history and reason for being there. Carpenter really cared about art
The plant shop has a garden in the trunk of this Beetle. This car looks just like the first car I ever purchased – a 1973 VW Yellow Beetle, except it didn’t have flowers in the trunk 😉
Last but not least a grey heron resting on the ledge beside the ship canal that connects Puget Sound with Lake Union and Lake Washington

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2 thoughts on “Travels with Ari – Days 18 & 19 – Ari and Ann

  1. Hi Annie–Yes, your yellow VW Beetle–riding in it with you across Illinois to KC–is a vivid memory for me! “Mellow Yellow” comes to mind, and just miles of good talk and companionship! i truly love your heron-by-the-water photo, the blue ripples are magically alive! And that photo of you by the statue of Lenin? You could be a teenager standing there in your bluejeans and shades, my dear! Love, Elizabeth

  2. Love the pictures, glad you’re able to spend time with your daughter! Ari seems to enjoy his adventures too!

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