Travels with Ari – Day 20 Ari and Ann

Ari here:

Last night I started to get nervous because Mom was packing and sure enough we were back in the car today. Only I didn’t like it much and I meowed and paced back and forth and front to back, stepping on window buttons and opening windows and trying to get on the dashboard. Mom even setup several places for me to hide. I just did NOT want to be in the car and got even more irritated when we had to drive on older noisy pavement 😖

I finally settled when we stopped for lunch and found a good hiding place (not one of the ones my mom setup). I did sit quietly on Mom’s lap for part of the drive and she scratched my neck. I liked that! We are camping tonight and there are lots of dogs around so I’m still hiding.

My hiding place for most of the drive

Ann Here:

It was a lovely warm sunny day to start our trip back home. Ari has already told you the first part of our drive 🙄. We stopped at Ginkgo Petrified Forest park for lunch. It overlooks the Columbia River which we saw on our way out, but things look different coming from the other direction. Here are some photos and descriptions of the area. A real geology lesson. The photos are self explanatory if you are interested.

Columbia River from the park

We also got to see the Wild Horse Monument on a hill overlooking the river.

These are sculptures honoring the wild horses of the west.

The car window screens are on so we will see if they keep Ari in and bugs out.

Window screens on both back seat windows

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One thought on “Travels with Ari – Day 20 Ari and Ann

  1. Hi Ann, sounds like a struggle for Ari but she’ll settle in and will she be happy to get home! I am sure you will be too!! Sounds like a wonderful time with your daughter and sister and I think Ari liked it too! Miss seeing you and visiting with you! Praying for a safe journey home for the two of you!❤️

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