Travels with Ari – Day 22 – Ari and Ann

Ari here:

I think I’m getting used to this car travel. And Mom has FINALLY figured out that I just want to talk when I meow at her when we first start driving. We now have a good conversation (Meow, meow, meow) and then I can settle. (Ann here: I think she is just reminding me to drive safely 😉 ) I spent some time looking out the back window today.

Me looking out the back window
We stopped for lunch on the Yellowstone River. I like to check out the scenery when we stop.
Here’s a better photo of the river

We spent the night at a campground just outside Medora, ND where Teddy Roosevelt visited often and had a couple of ranches nearby. We camped right next to the Little Missouri River. The water was quite low, according to Mom. I didn’t venture that far from the car.

It is quite dry there and there was a fire ban in place. We saw places in eastern Montana where areas had burned. There weren’t there on the way out to Seattle. They certainly have a drought like MN does.

The Little Missouri River is just on the other side of that little dike right behind the tree.

I got very brave and got out of the car a couple of times.

Look at me – not scared at all! Until a car would drive by then I hopped back to safety.

Ann here:

Medora is a fun little tourist town with a Teddy Roosevelt theme. It is just south of the North Dakota Badlands that I talked about on my trip out (Day 2). Its a beautiful area though very dry and parched. The Official Teddy Bear shop caught my eye and I went in.

It is a very fun shop where kids can build their own Teddy Bear. First they pick a ‘skin’ (an empty stuffed animal). Then fill it with stuffing. Then pick an outfit to go on it and dress it. They are given a certificate of authenticity to go with it. They say that kids really enjoy it and are very proud of their creations. I can see my granddaughter there in a couple of years! There are bears for grownups dressed up like Teddy Roosevelt too.

This is a much larger version of the bears for sale for grownups

In case you don’t know the history of the Teddy Bear: “The teddy bear is named after U.S. President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. In 1902, President Roosevelt participated in a bear-hunting trip in Mississippi. While hunting, Roosevelt declared the behavior of the other hunters “unsportsmanlike” after he refused to kill a bear they had captured.” (

There are lots of other tourist shops in town.

Another shop
This man looks quite like Teddy and is in the play that is put on at the theatre each evening.
This gives some history of Teddy Roosevelt’s visits.

And this wonderful plaque about a strong Irish woman!

Widowed with 5 children and a ranch!

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One thought on “Travels with Ari – Day 22 – Ari and Ann

  1. Hi Annie–SO enjoying your blog and photos! Today–Thursday– is your last day of driving, if I’m following correctly, so sending prayers for a good completion to your journey and welcome home!

    XOXO – Elizabeth

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