Travels with Ari – Day 23 – Ari and Ann

Ari here:

We are HOME! Mom decided to do a marathon drive from western North Dakota to home. When we first started driving, I came up and talked to her. I reminded her to drive safely and take breaks. And I reminded her that I was tired of being in the car! Then I settled on my pillow behind her seat and slept almost the entire day. I came up once in a while to check on her and when we stopped for lunch.

Once we got home I was thrilled! I trotted around the apartment and rolled on my back for scratches-over and over.

Then I dug myself under the covers so Mom would go to bed. She looked really tired. Once she was settled, I was up again, playing with my toys, eating and looking out the window. I’m SO happy!

Ann here:

It was a long driving day, but I managed it well with a nap/meditation after lunch. We got home about 7pm and I was as happy as Ari was to be home! Though I didn’t roll on the floor 😉 I slept about 11 hours and when I woke I found most of Ari’s toys in my bedroom. My travel buddy had indeed been playing all night!

This is the end our travels for this trip (there may be more so watch for my blogs). I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be with my family, for my new car, its safety and comfort, for interesting campgrounds and for Starbucks along the way to keep me going . Having Ari along made the trip more fun and interesting and she provided companionship and love along the way. And I am MOST grateful to the Universe for a fun and safe adventure with no harm to me or my property.

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One thought on “Travels with Ari – Day 23 – Ari and Ann

  1. So glad to have you back home, safe and with a batch of new experiences. Thanks again for sharing your trip with us.

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