Ari’s Travels – September 5

Ari here: I’m having so much fun writing these blogs, I’ve taken over from Mom. She says ‘Great!”

Today I am SOOOOOOO happy! Mom has come back! She’s been here 4 hours and we’ve played twice, she has given me multiple massages and took a nap with me.

I checked out her body energy system and boy was it messed up after the flight. I had to lay on several parts of her body to balance it; first her chest, then both knees, then between her legs to help her get grounded. She said she felt so much better and gave ME a massage and chin rub which caused me to purr and purr.

Here I am balancing her energy on her knee and lower leg

Then I got brave and even ventured downstairs to see her. Though I’m still pretty scared when there’s an unfamiliar noise and go running back upstairs to my room.

I’M SO HAPPY! And Mom says she is too. ❤️

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One thought on “Ari’s Travels – September 5

  1. Oh how sweet, glad you’re there enjoying yourself with Ari! I am sure you’ll have a restful time!

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