Ari’s travels – September 6

I slept with Mom all night! (Except for sitting in the window above the bed and a little wandering around the quiet house.)

When Mom finally woke up, we had a full 45 minutes of cuddling. I purred and rubbed again her. The got good chin, neck and tummy rubs. Finally I settled in the crook of her arm and just purred. We were both SO happy!

Total contentment snuggling with mom

Auntie Erin and Brett came today for lunch and they brought Appa! So I hid! He’s such a bouncy active puppy and seems so big. Auntie Erin came up to find me and gave me lots of cuddles.

Lunch on the deck compliments of Erin

I brought out the blue feather I stole from Jim’s fly tying room. My gift to mom ❤️ Auntie MK was relieved I hadn’t swallowed it. By the way, I have a stash of feathers they haven’t found yet, ha ha!

We had a beautiful pink mountain this evening

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