How could wild Brushtail cat food make such a difference? – February 17, 2013

A miracle has happened with Mr. Bing the past 2 weeks!

[In July 2012 Mr. Bing was diagnosed with Hypercalcemia (too much Calcium in the blood). He was losing weight quickly, had diarrhea and occasional vomiting.  I made the decision to treat him with complimentary approaches rather than submit him to surgery, chemo and ongoing medical care.  Read earlier blog entries to see his progress.]

Oreo - 18 years.  Mr. Bing's companion.
Oreo – 18 years. Mr. Bing’s companion.

In my previous blog, Mr. Bing was declining again.  It seemed his kidneys were failing as he wasn’t absorbing much water or food.   I started rehydrating him again in late January, which would perk him up for a few days, allowing him to eat, drink and be in a little less pain.  Still he was down to 6.8 pounds and looked quite haggard.

Then a friend recommended a new food to me from New Zealand that her very picky cats went wild over.  It is made from an opossum called a Brushtail.  I purchased a few cans at first to make sure he liked it.  He ate it with relish, leaving nary a crumb!  And he seemed in less pain, hungrier, drank more and best of all he seemed to absorb more.  At first I alternated it with the high quality canned food I had been giving him (he would only eat the fish or maybe lamb).  Clearly he felt worse after this food.  And, while he ate it, he clearly didn’t like it as well.

So I have switched almost entirely to Brushtail.    He is up to 8.5 pounds, fully hydrated and getting feisty.  He gets me up at 5:30am every morning ready for breakfast.  Throughout the past few months, even when I rehydrated him, he remained somewhat dehydrated and he almost never begged for food.  He is chasing my other cat Oreo again and grooming himself.

He still sleeps a lot and comes to me for energy work.  It is a joy to see him feeling so much better!

Stay tuned for whatever is next!

(It amazes me that cats in the wild primarily eat rodents, yet almost no cat food is made from rodents.  This is the only one I’ve found.)

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