Travels with Ari – Day 2 – Ari

It’s Ari here. Wow what a long drive we had yesterday! When we stopped to rest it wasn’t for very long because the sun was bright and it was in the mid 80s which would be too hot for me in the car by myself. So mom just kept going. She listen to a murder mystery audiobook which made the time go fast for her.  

Last night we camped in a campground along a beautiful rushing River under the trees. I wanted to explore and mom put me on the leash so I could get down out of the car. But that was pretty scary so I didn’t last long. I mostly continued to hide in my little corners in the car.

But once night fell, my hunter instinct kicked in, I guess, and I wanted to explore! I roamed the inside of the car for three hours softly meowing trying to get out the windows and bothering mom. Since it had been hot out side, she had the windows open two or 3 inches. I guess she thought I wouldn’t try and get out because I hadn’t tried to get out when it was light outside. Wrong! I pulled myself up and crawled through one window and jump down to the grass. Mom said something that sounded rather crude and got out of the car and came around to where I was sitting on the ground trying to figure out how to get back inside the car. I just wanted to know what was on the other side of those windows….She open the door and I jumped back in. Mom then closed the windows to just a crack. Still I thought it might be fun to explore outside since it was dark so kept trying to get out. There were lots of stars out and I was sure there were lots of mice running around.

Mom said she wanted an adventure!

Finally, I settled and let mom sleep. It cooled off nicely and I snuggled with her to keep warm. And now that it’s morning I’m hiding again. 

My hiding spot for the day

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One thought on “Travels with Ari – Day 2 – Ari

  1. What a night! I love the delicate way you refer to the expletive that left your lips–great decision to have Ari narrate this one…XOXO, Elizabeth

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