Travels with Ari – August

August 5

Ari here: Mom and I flew to Seattle on August 5. Its not my favorite thing to do but as long as I was with Mom, I felt safe. TSA Pre made our journey through security much smoother and Mom only had me out of the carrier for a couple of minutes vs last time we flew, it was more like 10 minutes. I meowed a bit more than last time but overall I felt safe in my carrier.

I stayed with Mom at Auntie Erin’s house and got visited frequently by Erin. She liked to check my chin for acne and found some infected pores, so while I wasn’t sure about her cleaning them, I feel better now. I don’t know why I suddenly have this acne. I never did before but my food and bowls are the same.

On August 8, the grandchildren and their parents arrived and there was a lot more noise, so I hid a lot under the covers. Emma and others , including Erin’s friend who smelled like a dog came to visit me in Mom’s room!

Here’s me trying to sneak away from Emma. She’s very gentle with me, but with all the other noise in the house, I just wasn’t sure.

I never got to meet the dog called Appa who belongs to Erin’s friend. And that was just fine with me!

Appa – an Australian Labradoodle

Emma let Mom sleep with her favorite Bunny, while Emma slept with Mom’s Gray Kitty.

It smells good so I gave it some loving rubs

At least everyone was gone during the day so things were quiet at least for a while, then I could wander out of the bedroom we were staying in a go explore the rest of the house, which was really fun! But at the slightest noise, I hid again.

I’m writing this after the fact, since I was so busy hiding, I didn’t have time to write during the trip.

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